The first half of my trip has drawn to a close. Having successfully completed both pastors’ conferences, my Bethel team has returned home and I am now on my own. From here the trip will be much more work because I will have to figure out every detail on my own. Having traveled here before is very helpful but also my love for adventure and enjoyment of spontaneous change help me to roll through life in East Africa. That’s not to say that I naively think everything will be easy. Plenty of things can and do go wrong but you take them as they come.

The second half of my trip will involve visiting some of the causes that I did photo and video work for last time I was in East Africa. I’m excited to review these projects and to look for ways to move forward with them. I also plan to add two more organizations to the Yadumu Project, one that raises funds to provide ARV’s to Rwandan women raped during the genocide and another that fights against malaria in Kenya.

Before I get back to work I’m taking a brief excursion to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park to see the mountain gorillas. I believe in travel with a cause. In other words, travel to serve a good cause but by all means spend a bit of your own money when in the area to take advantage of some of the unique opportunities that local tourism affords. So after rambling on about how wonderful this excursion will be, you’ll find me getting back to the work I came for shortly.

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