Little John


Meet little John. He is two years old but when you first look at his tiny little body you would think him younger than a year. Yet when he stands on his own power and wobbles toward you, your heart melts and you realize that he is older than he looks.

There is a reason why John is so little. When his parents died of AIDS leaving their HIV positive baby behind, the rest of John’s family rejected him. Not knowing what else to do, his grandfather brought him to El-Shaddai Hope Center for Orphans. Although John’s medical record is quite important, the family has not provided the promised information. Though malnourished and tiny, the orphanage took him in and through loving care has nursed him back to health.

When I walked into the room for babies, several of them were standing up in their shared cribs. One cried with fear, others smiled, but when one of the caretakers took John out of his crib and set him down he grinned shyly at me. Taking him into my arms, I shared a few precious moments with him. John is quite personable and certainly very lovable. As I prayed for this little child and his young life, I couldn’t help but appreciate the dedication that Stephen and Beatrice Njau, along with their family, have to these children. I will be writing more about them soon but for now it only takes reflecting on little John’s story to appreciate just how vital loving orphanages are for vulnerable children.

John is a personable little guy.

John is a personable little guy.

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