Jet-Setting With the All You Can Jet Pass

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I have begun a journey that over the next few weeks will take me to many exotic places. How is this possible? I’m glad you asked. The story begins in mid-August when I began to realize that even though I was finished with school I was still staying too busy and not making any progress toward my goals. It seemed that my stressful and chaotic approach to life in seminary had carried over into the rest of my life even though I no longer needed to study.

Wondering how to break out of this cycle and to begin writing again, which has a lot to do with what I hope to do in the next season of life, I began to brainstorm. On Monday morning of August 16th, I was reading the USA Today on my iPhone and noticed that Jet Blue was offering their “All You Can Jet Pass” for the second consecutive year.

The way the pass works is that for $699 you buy a pass that allows you to go anywhere Jet Blue flies for 30 days between September 7th and October 6th. For $499 you can buy the same pass allowing you to fly every day except for Fridays and Sundays. Jet Blue’s destinations are all over the United States, into the Caribbean, down to Costa Rica and as far south as Bogota, Columbia.

Seeing this pass my mind immediately went into overdrive. Would I be able to get off work long enough to enjoy it? Was this the right time for a crazy adventure? I turn 30 in a few months and I had hoped to go on some sort of month long adventure to celebrate and to do some writing and reflecting. Realizing that this pass might allow me to accomplish my various goals including time to write and process life as well as a 30th birthday adventure that would allow me to reach my 30th country, I purchased it the second morning the pass was up for sale before it sold out by later that day.

After several weeks and much planning, I finally have an itinerary. My manager at work graciously allowed me to have a month off starting September 18th. For the first two weeks of the pass I am using my days off to travel and then as of the 18th I will be traveling solid through mid-October.

Travel Itinerary

* September 7-9: Visiting my brother Caleb and his wife Abby in Seattle
* September 13-14: A brief jaunt up to Salt Lake City
* September 18-21: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
* September 22-24: San Juan, Puerto Rico
* September 25-27: Portland, Oregon for a conference with Donald Miller
* September 28-30: Montego Bay, Jamaica
* October 1-3: Orlando & Sarasota, Florida to visit family and friends
* October 4-6: San José, Costa Rica
* October 7-9: Atlanta, Georgia for the Catalyst East Conference

After this I will fly up to Ohio to visit family and friends for a bit. I’m hoping to take a train back to San Diego but will have to see if I have the time to do so. This is the plan so if you are wondering what I am doing at all of these different places, now you know. No, I didn’t get rich, quit my job or go off the deep end (yet). I just have an overactive desire for adventure and need some time to process what is next in my life. I plan to write as much as possible during this time so keep checking back for pictures and updates!

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