Coffee in Addis Ababa


I’ve just embarked upon my fourth trip to East Africa and consider it a privilege to revisit one of my favorite regions on earth. I was invited to join a team from Bethel Seminary and to speak on leadership at two conferences in Northwestern Uganda.

Managing to book my flight over with an 8 hour layover in Addis Ababa I decided to look into my options for seeing the city. I learned that with a layover of less than 12 hours, one could purchase a hotel pass for $50 which would include a shuttle to the hotel, a meal, a place to rest and a shuttle back in time to catch my flight. All of this along with the opportunity to explore a city that I had never visited was too good to be true!

I rode with a guy whose name sounded similar to Antonio, to the Afarensis Hotel where I checked in early enough to still enjoy breakfast. There was some traditional Ethiopian feed complete with njera and it was delicious! After taking a nap I woke up refreshed and ready to see the city. I observed the life of the city along one major road. There were people selling produce on the sidewalk, families sipping coffee together, men shouting to fill the minibuses before sending the drivers on their way and so much color!

After walking for a bit I stumbled upon exactly what I was looking for, a local coffee shop called Kaldi’s Coffee. When in Ethiopia, surely one must drink some coffee, right? I enjoyed a delicious Americano and a macchiato cake. The colorful environment was engaging and I enjoyed observing lively conversations all around me. Writing in my new Nomad Notebook with my pocketable Pokka Pen, I felt right at home.

I made it back to the hotel in time to eat some lunch, which was a dish called Addis Beef and not so tasty this time around. Antonio then took me back to the airport in plenty of time to be ready for my flight! I consider that a great afternoon of recharging and exploring!

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