My Blogging Journey


I remember the day when I pulled a magazine off the shelf at Barnes and Noble and started reading an article about how to start a blog. It described the basics steps involved in joining Blogspot and creating your first post. I was living in Homer, Alaska at the time as part of a two week visit that turned into a year-long stay.

Homer is a town of about five thousand people and nicknamed “The End of the Road” because it is the farthest western town connected by road to the rest of North America. Visiting Anchorage, a four-hour drive away, gave us a chance to catch up on what we had missed at the end of the road and the biggest bookstore around was always a must-visit.

Launching the Blog … Again

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I feel like my blog has become a series of posts about how I am back to writing with many moons transpired between them. Here we go again. Why am I such an inconsistent writer? The answer is both simple and complicated.

The simple answer is that I tend to focus on projects in cycles. Traveling always stimulates my writing but I hardly take the time to record insights from day to day life. Consistency with blogging is key and this is certainly not my strength.

Back to Blogging


After a rather long hiatus I’m back to blogging and I could not be more happy about this! Where have you been, you ask? Actually I never quit writing it’s just that the writing I was doing is not of the sort that you would read here. My last six months of grad school were rather demanding but I am glad to be done and to have a little more time to begin pursuing some of my interests again, including writing about the rich experiences of life. There is so much more to come…