Flying Over San Diego

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I recently enjoyed a flight over San Diego in a small 1979 Cessna 172 over San Diego with my pilot friend, Reuben Thiessen. San Diego is such a lovely city and a place that I called home for 8 years. One of the highlights was flying right over the spot on the San Diego Bay where I moored and lived on my sailboat for almost 4 years! I shared the photo story with a series of photos this weekend and it has been selected as a featured community story by Exposure!

This is the first time I’ve been featured by Exposure so it is an honor and they have even posted my picture of the sailboats from above to their gallery shared through their Chrome extension. I captured all of the photos in this story through my recently acquired preowned Fujfilm X70 and will share more about the camera later. You can find the pictures and photo story by clicking here.

Flying Over Los Angeles


What would you like to do for your birthday? she asked. I had no idea at the time how complex this question was. Throwing out a number of ideas, some realistic and some silly, she casually included learning to fly. It didn’t begin to occur to me that learning to fly was a serious suggestion.

A few months later Bethany┬ámentioned that she had purchased a surprise excursion that we had to use before the middle of May. When I finally discovered what we were doing I asked why we didn’t do so over my birthday like she had originally intended. “When I asked if you wanted to learn to fly you didn’t answer,” she replied.

Bethany had purchased a flight over LA from Justice Aviation in which we would both have a chance to take off, land and maneuver the plane in the air, under the supervision of a pilot. Bethany took her turn first, taking off from Santa Monica and flying along the coast of Malibu. The views were breathtaking and I sat in the back capturing photos and videos of the experience.

After landing, we switched places and I helped fly the plane over Los Angeles, by the Hollywood sign and around downtown. It was an exhilarating experience to adjust the controls on the plane and to feel it respond. The pilot was engaging and loved to fly. What an amazing way to explore the city that we would move to only six months later!