African Queen


I met my African queen and her name is Elizabeth. Seriously, I don’t think I have seen a cuter little girl since my little sister entered the world. I met Elizabeth at my last dinner in Uganda with Dickens, a good friend that I made on this trip, and his family at their home. Dickens recently planted a church in one of the neediest areas of Kampala. They began meeting as a small group under a tree and it has grown to the point where the people requested that he start a church.

Dickens, whose actual name is Simon Amandi, got his name when as a boy reading a Charles Dickens work, he told his friends playing soccer to call him Dickens. The name stuck and even his own family has called him this ever since. He helped us to conduct the pastors’ conferences and then wanted to introduce me to his wife and little boy, named Jashen. Elizabeth and her mother are part of Dickens’ church and they joined us for dinner.

At first, Liz was a little scared of me and stayed close to her mother. When we got the camera out to take pictures though, she lost her fear just long enough to pose for the camera, like a true little girl, and while waiting for the camera we became fast friends. Jashen loved his dad’s camera and enjoyed taking pictures of everything. Joining us for dinner was my good friend Justin who I met in Sudan last time I was in the area. Despite the unrest in Kampala, it was delightful to spend the evening with good friends and to enjoy one last Ugandan meal before heading to Kenya.


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